About Us

The BFM Residential English Medium School (BFM) is operated by Bible Faith Mission, which is a registered charitable Christian organization. BFM has standards from Kindergarten to XII with a student population of approximately 800 students. The vision is to prepare students for higher education and their prospective vocations.

One of the major goals of the Mission is imparting quality education with a Value based moral emphasis to children in villages irrespective of caste or creed, who otherwise lack such opportunity. BFM believes in fostering a holistic educational experience, which leads to the development and transformation of intellectual, spiritual and physical components of life.

Today, the trend in India is to impart quality education based on international standards so that education will help the students compete on an international level. As a result, BFM is affiliated with the C.B.S.E. (Central Board of Secondary Education) New Delhi, which allows BFM to provide a quality education while concentrating on children from underprivileged backgrounds.

Our History

Bible Faith Mission was founded in 1913 by Rev. Dr. Vedanthachari with the legacy of the mission being carried forward by Rt. Rev. Dr. Moses Swamidas (M.A, B.D, M.TH, D.D.). After being born into one of the five remaining Bible Faith Mission churches and receiving a Bachelor of Divinity degree, Bishop Swamidas was appointed the leader of BFM in 1976. Throughout his many years in leadership he developed a vision of facilitating a holistic educational experience for underprivileged children. This led him to establish the BFM Residential English Medium School (BFM) in 2003.


  1. To instill love and concern to each other without any discrimination as every one is created in the image of God.
  2. To build up their personality as a people of dignity
  3. To uphold the noble and moral values in life
  4. To impart quality education so that the underprivileged children in the merging global trend where the smart, efficient and qualified are the fittest of the day
  5. To promote leadership qualities in the various walks of life.

School Motto

The BFM Residential English Medium School has a dream - a dream of liberating the minds and souls of the underprivileged and marginalized children from the bondage of ignorance and illiteracy. This dream is expressed in our motto:
Truth, Wisdom and Dignity
This means liberating through Truth and Wisdom, which leads to Dignity.

Partnership Opportunities

Current Partnerships

Partners International has been partnering with Bible Faith Mission (BFM) to bring economic, social, and spiritual transformation to the underprivileged of South India since 1984.

Partners International is a global organization that provides financial resources for strategic ministry projects across the globe. Their core programs include Building the Church, Transforming Communities, and Empowering Women and Children.

In addition to financial resources, Partners enables ministries to strengthen and improve their organizational structure and processes through strategic planning, board governance, financial management, and local income generation.

For more information about Partners International and their partnership with BFM, visit the Partners International website: http://partnersinternational.ca

Volunteer Opportunities

BFM has established partnerships with various churches from United States, Canada and Hong Kong. These churches have sent volunteer teachers who work with children at BFM by teaching them: English and Writing; Arts and Drama; and Music.

There are ongoing opportunities to meet these needs at BFM. The BFM campus has the capacity to accommodate teams of up to eight volunteers at a given time. Accommodations include room and board, three meals a day, and a great family atmosphere.

Contact Keren Promoth for more information regarding volunteer opportunities:

For more information about Partners International and their partnership with BFM, visit the Partners International website: kesmoses@gmail.com

Sponsor a Child Program

There is opportunity to sponsor a child through Bible Faith Mission. In addition to providing school fees and supplies, the children are taught cleanliness and hygiene, a pressing need in an area where poverty and illiteracy have long prevailed.

Bible study, praise songs, and Scripture memory are all encouraged at Bible club programs for the more than 3,000 children who attend Sunday school at Bible Faith Mission churches. Children are able to recite many Bible verses, plus references, from memory. Extracurricular activities such as games, sports competitions, essay writing, singing, preaching, and Bible quizzes are used to help the children grow not only spiritually, but in all aspects of their lives.

Children from both the BFM School and the rural government schools are in need of sponsorship. The cost to sponsor a child is just $30 per month or $360 per year.

Highlights and Attractions

  1. Small class sizes provide for individual attention given to students
  2. Great location – away from the city, peaceful and serene surroundings, and a positive learning environment
  3. Partnerships with volunteer teachers from abroad (English and Writing; Arts and Drama; and Music)
  4. Sponsorship opportunities for eligible students
  5. Extra-curricular activities (Dance; Vocal and Instrumental Music; Karate; Sports; and Yoga)
  6. School clubs (Math; Science; Social Science; Languages; Home Science; Eco-Club; Health; and Sports)
  7. Transportation provided